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Career Objective:

ARC Support Services, are building a company that we'd like to do business with, ourselves.  Through support and outstanding experiences, we want to be a company that's human, respectful, transparent, inclusive, socially and environmentally conscious and using our skills and contacts, develop and grow sustainable, profitable businesses, through sound process, engineering excellence and high level customer service  

Career Statement:

A dynamic and experienced Senior Automotive professional, with a comprehensive Management overview and front line, shop floor know how. Having a vast wealth of high end, motor industry experience.  This goal orientated and focused professional, quickly identifies leverage points to achieve success through six principles

·          Accuracy

·          Attention to detail

·          Consistency

·          Knowledge

·          Integrity

·          Hard Work

Adaptability, and out of the box creative thinking, have aided the delivery of consistent results transforming businesses into profit centers for many major corporate clients.   This dynamic, friendly and inquisitive character is very driven, to ensure the fundamentals of any business process, delivers the maximum sustainable result.

Leading from the front with a ‘can do’ approach, and having flexible and adaptive people influencing skills, produces effective, coordinated project delivery, on budget, on time and ensuring that cost and resource targets are met.  A leader in the industry with experience of effective multi-site & departmental management within the Accident Repair Sector.

A business coach and mentor, assisting Managing Directors, Directors, Managers, and Supervisors in achieving greater performance and success in business through strategic accomplishment .


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