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The accident repair industry is continually changing, evolving and growing.  With the inception of some incredibly genius advances in vehicle build technology and accident mitigation technology leading to a greater focus on passenger safety.    These advances are driving a change in repair technology, and denote the need for a renewed approach to assessment of the damage, by the Vehicle Damage Assessor.    There has never, been a greater need, for a distinct set of skills, and a defined process for blueprinting the repair specification, to ensure the vehicles safety and the quality of the repair, as there is today.......want to know more?      Click here to download the full document..

ARC Support Services

ARC Support Services appreciate that your Vehicle Damage Assessor ATA accreditation may be one of the most important elements for evidence of competency in relation to the repair standard, BS10125.  We also appreciate that unless your business continues to make a profit your accreditation could be a hollow victory.   Each of our VDA development programs, (and we have four of them) are defined to assure that you are endowed with the necessary skills sets to provide you the highest opportunity in gaining the  ‘Right First Time’ result that today's complex vehicle build demands, however, and here is the difference, we focus on the ultimate reason your business exists, for you to make a profit. Our development is proven to assist in ensuring you gain the greatest profit opportunity from every repair that you assess. In 99% of cases, of the training delivered, our development will return your investment (your costs) within the month, and then keep on giving.  We have some very interesting case studies that we'd be happy to share with you so you can see the effects of missing just 1/2 an hour from an assessment.  The results are astonishing!!

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