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Hints and Tips

Here's a very useful list of Images and the order that they should be taken in

Images are a vital part of the job role for the VDA.  In the first and most important instance, the images you provide should support your repair specification through broadcasting specific data to the receiving image engineer.  No doubt the work provider will want an amount of administration images as part of your agreed SLA, so I have provided a list of suggested Admin Shots that should satisfy all work providers

1.  Overall Front ID Shot (showing the whole front end of vehicle)
2.  Overall Rear ID Shot (showing the whole rear end of vehicle)
3.  Overall Nearside ID Shot (showing the whole nearside of vehicle)
4.  OverallOffside ID Shot (showing the whole Offside of vehicle)
5.  Interior ID Shot (showing trim levels and Gear leaver)
6.  Stamped Chassis Number
7.  Bank of Four Images ** See Below Left**
8.  Overview of Damage (if Possible)
9.  Detailed Damage Shots to Support your Repair Specification
10 Pre-Existing Damage (If Applicable)
The above list is available as a free downloadable PDF. Print it off and pin it on your office wall as a permanent reminder of what's needed to deliver your SLA

** Bank of Four Images **

The bank of four images are a set of admin shots that provide the work provider with detailed information about target vehicle.  


Of course Images cost money to transmit as part of some estimating systems, so here is a nifty free piece of software that will allow you to place the bank of four images into one frame saving you money each time you send images to your work provider.

1. Chassis Plate (Not the Windscreen VIN)

2. Paint Code

3. Tax Disc

4. Mileage/Odometer with Engine Running

Click the link to download this third party

FREE Easy JPEG Printer Software



Almost all work providers require images to assist in substantiating the requirements of the repair required to reinstate the target vehicle. Your images should be clear, concise and well annotated. The goal is to provide the engineer with a storyboard that walks him through the repair, hand in hand with your repair specification.  In a respectful number of images your objective is to provide administration details of the target vehicle, show the initial area/point of impact and the primary damage arising from that impact.  Additionally you should provide images of secondary damage resulting from the absorption and dissipation of crash energy so a sound understanding of the mechanics of 'pivots & levers' is required.  Secondary damage can manifest itself in many forms from closing gaps and chipping paint on adjacent panels, to causing creases in major structural members or panels that may be attached to those structures. a crack in the sealer that fills a seam or the puckering that you get when the material around a welded seam is placed under stress.   Images and their creation are of vital importance in the world of the VDA, not least the cost of their transmission. Another reason that you need to be well versed in presenting your images 

10 Estimating Tips

Here are some free tips and advice to assist in reducing the cost of conflict and the negative effect it has on a repair business.

Print it off pin it on your office wall as an aid memoir



We have also provided two downloadable forms to assist you in your assessing needs. Down load the forms and save them to your desktop.  

Free Tips & Advice



More Free Tips & Advice

The ABI Code is a voluntary code. Click the link to download it PDF

Write Off Avoidance - WOA

Each year, thousands of perfectly repairable vehicles are written off by insurance companies because the repair of those vehicles, is deemed too expensive in relation to the vehicle’s perceived market value. Total loss avoidance schemes, normally driven by the specific vehicle brand manufacturer, are successfully ensuring that thousands of pounds of profitable repair revenue is directed back into the accident repair network   

A sound approach to reducing the number of vehicles that a repairer looses to the salvage yard could be managed through ensuring that a duly competent member of the estimating and assessing team is allocated a level of responsibility in seeking the assistance of the Vehicle Brand Manufacturer through one of the Write Off Avoidance Schemes that are available in the marketplace.  

We've done some of the leg work for you so click here to link to one of our pages containing downloadable documents from some of the respective VM's for your use. 

If you're a VM with a WOA programme in place and you'd like us to include your information here on our VDA Website, Get In Touch.  We're Happy to Help!!

Vehicle Valuations

Vehicle VIN Locations

Having an idea of a vehicles value is Valuable (No Pun Intended). But where can you get this without spending a large amount of money on a license for a branded piece of industry standard software? Here's a handy website that will give you a reasonably fair ball park figure without any costs ....

With work providers requesting images of Stamped VIN, VIN Plate/Sticker and the Screen VIN a VDA can spend an inordinate amount of time searching for the required information on and around the vehicle.  Well here's a website that allows you to search quickly and efficiently for the location on each vehicle. 

Thank you to Danny Burgess of Pertwee and Back ARC for the 1st class tips for Vehicle Valuations and VIN Locations
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