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We are a B2B Support company.  The testimonials issued by our clients, reflect the variety and quality of the services we offer, and the successes they have acheived with our help:     PAS125     Management Training     VDA Development     Business Development     Profitability Enhancement     Web Site Design     Marketing Support


GT Coachworks Gerry Rice - Opperations Director
The Virtual VDA - Remote Support
As a working owner, as well as being the Opperations Director at GT Coachworks my company was looking for a flexible, easy to use soloution for support in the business critical area of Damage Assessing.  We needed one that supported our growing business.  The use of ARC Support Services 'Virtual VDA' is increadibly flexible and versatile in allowing us to quickly and accruately comminicate with our own assessing department &/or the remote Damage Assessing services of ARC Support Services Ltd.  Even from the road side or the clients address (work or home)   It has allwoed us to continue our business expansion, without disruption or delay (which has been a real godsend). This is true innovation and exceptional support....right when a business needs it most.

Castle Coachworks John Lopes - Bodyshop Manager

VDA Development

At Castle Coachworks our team of Vehicle Damage Assessors, are a vital piece of our repair process and highly valued as the first, and most important factor of our continued success.  We too, fully appreciate that they need to remain at the absolute pinnacle of their game, for each and every assessment they complete.  The expert VDA Training and Development delivered by James Clifford of ARC Support Services, provided a definitive approach to understanding how we are able to deliver Engineering Excellence and First Class Customer Service, through sound process, for each and every repair carried out.   James has an innovative approach to the problems of our industry, and how best to address them using all the information available to the industry.

Day's Motor Group Dave Bond - Group Aftersales Director

VDA Development

At CEM Day's our team of Vehicle Damage Assessors continually need to be at the peak of their game, for every assessment they complete.  The Specialist VDA Training and Development delivered by James, provided a definitive approach to understanding how we are able to deliver Engineering Excellence and First Class Customer Service, through sound process, for each and every assessment we complete.   James has an innovative approach to the problems of our industry, and how best to address them  

MG CANNON GROUP Robert Snook - Group Director

VDA Development

MG Cannon are proud of our VDA Teams and continually invest in their Personal and professional development. Wanting fresh new Ideas for the next steps in that process, we looked for a partner who shared our passion for developing the team and understood both our business and their personal approach.  James from ARC Support Services, demonstrated and delivered exactly that.  Immediate feedback from the VDA's was great and measurable improvements in process and financial returns have been achieved since.  This is why we are now planning our next level steps together


Neil Tonks - Group Aftersales Director

VDA Profitability Health Check:  

I rarely recommend individuals or companies. However, on this occasion and without hesitation I do recommend that any focused Accident Repair Specialist, wishing to improve the process of the assessing facility and in turn, the profitability of each repair, enlist the skills and knowledge of James Clifford from ARC Support Services, he is in our opinion, highly recommendable



Carl Nichols - Director

BS 10125:2014+A1:2016 and VDA Support

ARC Support Services continue to deliver an exceptional standard of ongoing support for our business, from VDA Training and Development to  the management of the Industry Standard BS10125. and also in many areas that require his remarkable and specialist knowledge for profitability.  As a business we can honestly say that James is a true professional providing unrivaled services and support in this very harsh repair indusrty.



Angelo Bellini Managing Director

BS10125:2014+A1:2016 and VDA Support

James is our 'Industry Go To Guy'.  There is little that either phases him or that he cant provide a solution for.  We rely on ARC Support Services to provide support for many parts of our Quality Standards obligations and VDA Support.  He is highly understanding of the issues we face in the accident repair industry and is always able to resolve, to our benefit, any of the issues that need the specialist detailing as such a professional as James.



Chris Arnold MD


We have worked closely with ARC Support Services since December 2007. Having initially gained Scope 2 Structural Steel on both of our businesses "Central Accident & Rapid Auto Body Repairs" James developed all of our processes and systems ensuring that our Central and Rapid brands were able to comfortably achieve Scope 3 Structural Aluminum.   James has continued to provide first class support for First National and we feel certain that with his understanding, know how and commitment, we are future proofing our business to meet with the needs and desires of our client base, both Insurer and driver alike.

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