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VDA Absence Cover

Your Vehicle Damage Assessor is the hub around which the repair process revolves. So how do you cope when they go on holiday, or if they are taken ill, or worse, if they hand in their notice unexpectedly?

All of these situations have the ability, to very quickly de-stabilise your repair process, leaving a successful smooth flowing business, facing some serious issues, and further more we all know that quality staff donít grow on trees. For many of your Work Providers, VM Standards and matters of compliance, the lack of a qualified VDA is a MAJOR non conformity as well as a serious liability, both ethically and financially.


Itís not as simple to just Ďdouble upí on such a pivotal position within the repair process. In the majority of business, that practice operates in the negative factor of profitability i.e Cost of Training & Development - Vís - an Under Utilised Resource. To have such a vast amount of your investment doing something else until they MAY be required (if they donít then go off to find more money for their newly gained skill set) is a very expensive, poor business practice.

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ARC Support Services are providing VDA absence cover to a mixture of both, large and small repair facilities, franchised and independent repair shops. And as individual as their trading styles are, their reasons for support cover a wide range of restrictive issues, from holiday to sickness cover, training Cover to unprecedented increases in work volumes.  The list is wide and varied and the support we provide is reflects the same, short term (in weeks) or intermittent (in days). When the repairer finds themselves in need, we are here to help & support, and often, we can do so, at short notice. 

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