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The perception that being busy equates to being profitable is far too common. Without doubt, the sheer volume of evidence can drown out the logic of simple arithmetic in the mind of the unwary. 

Owners and managers, are very often convinced that a crowded yard, a busy reception and a choked up workshop, must be the disciples of profit. However, it is possible that the same volume of work, if analysed carefully, could so easily be the outriders of financial doom. 

Without the tools needed to tell the difference, what might first sound as “the thundering hooves of the cavalry, riding to the rescue,” could actually be the audible destructive 'BOOM' that accompanies “financial meltdown”.

What can you do?


Our VDA Health Check delivers proven results. Using Key Factor Information gathered during onsite consultation, it reviews the profitability of your bodyshop, at nut & bolt level.  The result is a factual, impartial and comprehensive report detailing which current issues are directly affect the profitability of the repair process/business. 

Corrective Action Plan

We then present to you the documented corrective actions that are required to realign the business within its ability to perform, based upon its current resources. If you so wish, we can then work together, and re-define the direct responsibilities and authorities of all those involved, throughout the whole of your repair process, and how those responsibilities should be administered to gain the highest sustainable financial advantage.  As this is a modular programme you can have as much or as little of our help as you need, so ask yourself these three questions:

  • Do you want to regain control of your business?

  • Do you want to improve your ability to deliver a quality service?

  • Do you want to add Justified Tangible Value to your bottom line?  

The Cavalry does not cost a Kings Ransom


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 VDA Profitability Review – Essential Business Management

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